Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Hey, just opened the mail and BAM! a totally unexpected royalty check from McFarland & Co., Inc., publishers of Into the Storm. I still can’t quit my day job, but this gift horse’s mouth will not be looked into. Especially on the day I have to pay bills.

Picked up my first Twitter follower today: Litopia, “the web’s oldest independent writing community.” Tons of info that will probably take me days to get through, but pretty cool. If you’re a writer, they’re worth checking out.

Now that summer’s unofficially drawing to a close with an earthquake and a hurricane, the summer reading list is pretty much done. Don’t know why, but I decided this summer to read some of the great fiction of our time (“our” meaning the last 50-60 years or so). Maybe because Borders went out of business …

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