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Crime Fiction writer

Yeah, another Saturday, another SEC football day. At least I’ve had the chance to slow down enough to watch some today. Spent the week in California, going up and down Interstate 5 from San Diego to Oceanside. Which, under leisurely circumstances, would be great, but I was working so I spent a lot of time in the car, in a meeting, or in my hotel room.

Today is Ole Miss-Alabama, which is never a good Saturday for me. For one, I’m an Ole Miss grad, and rarely do the Rebels beat Alabama. This year, of course, it’s practically impossible — Ole Miss is having (another ) bad year and Alabama is ranked #2. It’s going to be a long evening. It doesn’t help that half my relatives live in Alabama — some in Tuscaloosa. In fact, my uncle (who now lives in Mobile) called just as the game started to “see how the game was going.” Yeah. We got to talking and wouldn’t you know it, he brought up the Ole Miss-LSU history and recounted the very game I blogged about a week ago (see the 8 Oct entry). Nearly 40 years later and that game still burns.

Only have a brief break from the road before heading back on North Carolina Monday. My second trip to the Tarheel State in three weeks — I’m spending way too much time in the Charlotte airport. But I have noticed the proliferation of tablets, Nooks and Kindles in the hands of travelers. Me, I did some reading on my Mac with my Kindle app. Sure, there were “real books” being read, but I was surprised at the number of electronic readers. But the travel has meant I haven’t had a lot of time for new writing, but I’ve done had some good stretches of time in airports and on planes to do some rewriting and editing, mostly on the second Wade Stuart novel (tentatively titled, “A Simple Murder”). So, if you haven’t grabbed the first one, Enemy Within, click here to get it.

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