Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

A writer colleague and Wade Stuart fan forwarded me this link over the weekend. It’s disturbing to say the least — a Georgia militia plotting to produce the poison ricin, then spread it along a busy interstate, dispersing it through the air in attempt to kill as many people as possible. This, of course, was part of a plan to attack “the government.” Allegedly.

But before you dismiss this story as the work of crackpots or, worse, dumb rednecks, remember these people  — the types who belong to these kinds of extremist militias — are dead serious. They’re just as serious as people who would fly planes into buildings or blow up federal buildings in Oklahoma City or release toxins on a Tokyo subway.

This was the kind of “what if?” scenario that Enemy Within was built around and, to a lesser degree, A Simple Murder (due out Nov. 21).

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