Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

A Simple Murder is now available at Amazon. Download your copy here. Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t worry, you can download a free app for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, iPad, Android or the Windows Phone 7 (via Amazon) here.

Ames Holbrook, author of The Deporter: One Agent’s Struggle Against the U.S. Government’s Refusal to Expel Criminal Aliens, filed this, the first review of A Simple Murder:

“My favorite thriller has just turned into a franchise, and its writer Phillip Thompson has cracked open the second installment in a beautiful new frontier.  Whereas the first Wade Stuart novel was so soaked in its Mississippi setting that the book felt deep-fried, this time we meet our protagonist on a sandy Oahu beach, where he’s toting a camera as a crime beat reporter.  That’s right, new setting, new occupation, and, oh yeah, a new girl: the ATF staffer out of Washington who knows Wade from his early agent days.

“Thompson’s new strokes spin your head and make you cling dearly to the familiar pieces that carry over from the first book, like the ruthless homegrown terrorists and the murder mystery (that’s a mutilated corpse with its face blown off on that sandy beach).  So now we’ve got a classic crime thriller and a fresh fish out of water story running parallel.  What holds it together?  Who do you think?  It’s our good-old Mississippi Alpha-dog protagonist, former Marine and resigned-over-principle ATF agent, Wade Stuart, taking on another nasty batch of domestic terrorists intent on spilling innocent blood.  Wade Stuart is back, just as cool as I remembered.

“Former Marine and newspaperman Phillip Thompson knows his hero, and, with a knack for straight-ahead breathless prose, runs Wade and us readers through the story at a snapping cadence.  The enemies, the place, and the world can change, but we’re sure glad Wade Stuart doesn’t.”

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