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Still just in time for holiday shopping, A Simple Murder is now available in paperback. Grab your copy here. Don’t want to wait for the snail mails? Download a copy here.

After yesterday’s rant about “The Walking Dead,” I came across this piece about Hollywood’s designs to bring William Faulkner to the little screen. Yes, you read that right. I did a double take myself.

David Milch, of “Deadwood” fame (as good a series as there ever was), has signed up again with HBO to develop a series and movies based on some of Faulkner’s works. He’ll be working as an executive producer with Michael Mann (“Miami Vice,” among others).

“The pact covers all of the 19 novels and 125 short stories in the estate, as well as other works, with the exception of those currently optioned by other parties,” according to the report on the Deadline Hollywood website. “Milch will partner with Lee Caplin, the executor of the William Faulkner Literary Estate and CEO of Picture Entertainment Corp, to choose which works to develop, package and produce.”

Hmmm….sounds like some sound and fury coming to HBO. Or maybe some light in August. (OK, I’ll stop now.)

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