Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

I like the Christmas season as much as anybody, but this has to be the worst time of the year. To wit:

1. It’s still two months until pitchers and catchers report. Two months. That means two months of blabbering about Albert Pujols’ and his new team.

2. College football season is over. OK, for an Ole Miss grad, my season’s been over since, oh, September, but the entire college football season is done. Until bowl season starts up, and we get to watch 74 bowl games, 71 of which feature mediocre teams nobody’s ever heard of playing other mediocre teams nobody’s ever heard of. And, if there’s any justice at all in the world, Wake Forest will win its game.

3. And speaking of football, what happened to the Monday Night Football schedule?? Tonight’s yawner is Seattle vs. St. Louis. Seriously? Who dreams up these match-ups? I think Pittsburgh should play every Monday night. And they should play the Steelers. Every. Monday. Night.

4. Sons of Anarchy aired its finale last week. I don’t care what anybody says, it’s the best show of TV. I gave up on The Walking Dead, so all I’m left with is American Horror Story until Justified comes back on.

5. Justified doesn’t start for another three weeks.

6. It’s 34 degrees outside.

7. Those women on the Best Buy commercials are really pissing me off with their anti-Santa cattiness. Especially this one.


Finally, today’s shameless plug: A Simple Murder is available for Kindle here or in paperback here. Kindle Prime members can borrow it for free. Now that’s a deal that even Best Buy can’t beat.

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