Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Well, now that my football season is officially over, it’s time to find ways to fill that space. Sure, I’ll watch the remainder of the playoffs and the Super Bowl, but not with any of the fervor I did before the Saints turned the ball over 5 times in San Francisco last weekend. But, as a 40+-year Saints fan, I’ve learned to take the wins and the victories with a certain amount of grace. And I’ll be there with them again next year.

Plus, it’s only a couple of weeks before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training! Hope springs eternal for the Dodgers (at least until, say, mid-April).

So, now’s the perfect time finish the two short stories I’ve been … pondering. “The Booze Rumor” is finished. Still working on the other one.

It’s also the perfect time to catch up on Justified before the season premiere tomorrow night. Judging from the trailers, this is going to be a very interesting season.

It’s also a perfect time to get a great read for under a buck. On sale now for 99 cents: A Simple Murder. Get it here.

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