Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Ok, people, you gotta work a little to get a free signed copy of Deep Blood. It’s as easy as posting a picture on the Deep Blood Facebook page here.

So far, we have three candidates. More updates as they come in. So put down that bottle of rye, strap on that gat, crawl into the jalopy and tumble for it.

I the Jury#1: the cover for Mickey Spillane’s classic, I, The Jury. Submitted by John Stevens: “And judge. And executioner. Someone is going to pay for killing Hammer’s best friend. The hard way.”

Guns n Dames#2. More guns, dames and fedoras. And that’s a telephone, for you youngsters out there. Submitted by Cat Van Zyl: “Cool! I like the scar on his face.”

Maltese Falcon#3. Bogart. Maltese Falcon. No further explanation needed. Submitted by WIlliam Fischer: “Sex ,lies, and money…..It does not get any better”

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