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Available from Roundfire Books via Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Available from Roundfire Books via Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Last weekend, I was the grateful recipient of a book signing party put together by two good friends, Kathy Pecka and Taylor Kiland. Kathy did a spectacular job, not only opening her home to about 30 people (most of whom she’d never met), but doing all the cooking, which was truly Southern and truly awesome. Taylor was the night’s “show runner” and did all the thematics — organizing, decorating, and hostessing (is that even a word?). They both have my undying thanks, as do all those who showed up for the evening.

And there’s video! I read a brief section from Deep Blood (otherwise Taylor would have strangled me), which you can view on YouTube here. It’s about 9 minutes long, and it’s spectacular, if you ask me.

And, by the way, Taylor is an author herself. Her latest, Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton, is a fascinating study of the POWs of the Vietnam War and how they not only survived years of torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese, but thrived in the years following their return home. Check it out at Amazon.

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