Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Many men seek redemption. Some find only a bullet.

Someone is robbing and killing drug dealers in Sheriff Colt Harper’s county. When he makes an arrest he thinks ends the case, he discovers his troubles have only begun — and he finds himself hunted by a mysterious killer.

Sheriff Harper is a deeply flawed man one step ahead of his demons. He’s a badass with a chip the size of his father’s ghost on his shoulder and he’s the kind of man who longs for redemption but only understands violence. Up for reelection, he’s dealing with accusations of excessive violence by his department (and himself), growing drug crime and two strange murders.Ponybridge-2

Hack is a mysterious, oddly urbane hired gun working for a Memphis crime lord, an employer impatient for results and looking for a reason to punish Hack for past sins. When Hack is given a job in Mississippi, he sees an opportunity to redeem himself at the expense of Sheriff Harper. He exacts “penance” on low-level drug dealers who have recently been robbed by shooting them — in Harper’s county. He also plans to parlay Harper’s badge — dead, not alive — for the restoration of his status.

Special Agent Molly McDonough lives in exile in the backwater ATF Memphis field office, shackled to menial duties after disobeying orders and insubordination, even though her actions stopped a major U.S. terrorist plot. When she sees her opportunity for redemption by hunting down and arresting a killer on the loose, she seizes it — only to be shut down by a feckless boss.

Circumstances bring these three together with lethal results, until Harper confronts Hack and ultimately finds the redemption he seeks — with a bullet.

That’s the premise of BAD BLOOD, my latest Colt Harper novel, coming soon from Brash Books. I’m really looking forward to this one, and to working with the great team at Brash.

deep bloodAnd if you haven’t read the first Colt Harper novel, get on over to Amazon and get copy.

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