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More from the world of crime fiction…

plComic book legend Chuck Dixon has written a crime novel and it’s set in Philadelphia.

Shrinkage is a about a shoplifter named Jeff who gets involved in a series of escalating adventures in Dixon’s take on the City of Brotherly Love in the 1970s.


Along the Edge – an Interactive Graphic Novel: Bordeaux, France. Nova-box SARL has announced their latest game, “Along the Edge” will be released on Steam and on Apple iPad on Wednesday, October 12th 2016. Along the Edge is a narrative game, set in the European countryside, where your choices impact the main character’s personality and appearance. It takes place in an adult and slightly fantastic universe painted with the vibrant colors of the European countryside.

Murder in Atlanta: race and crime in a criminal time: Thomas Mullen’s Darktown is set in 1948: a year almost equidistant between the end of slavery and today.

New Jo Nesbo Novel Coming next May: Harvill Secker is publishing a new Harry Hole detective novel in May 2017. The Thirst continues the story of the last novel to feature maverick cop Harry Hole, Nesbo’s 2013 novel Police, which saw him protecting those closest to him from a killer bent on revenge on the police. The latest 11th installment of the series will see Harry drawn back to the Oslo police force when a serial killer begins targeting Tinder daters with a signature killing method that leads Harry on the hunt of a nemesis from his past.

From Publishers Weekly: Bookstore News: Amazon moves into Southern California; a Wisconsin bookstore considers going co-op; Macmillan expedites holiday shipping; and more.

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