Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

honeyinhismouthVia Crime Fiction Lover: 10 OF THE BEST PULP CRIME BOOKS — The pulp fiction phenomenon began early in the 20th century and its heyday was in the 1920s and 30s when hundreds upon hundreds of quickly written titles were released each year promising adventure, danger and romance for anyone brave enough to open up the dramatic covers.

Book Review: A Deadly Thaw by Sarah Ward: A body found in a disused mortuary in Derbyshire opens up an old murder case – and a poisonous can of worms – for the local police force.

How Graphic Novelist Jill Thompson Is Reinventing The Most Iconic Superheroine Of All Time: Jill Thompson is an Eisner Award winning artist and writer, and she’s reinventing Wonder Woman with her latest graphic novel, Wonder Woman: The True Amazon.

Graphic sex: intimate cartoon history of sex translated into English
Ranging from Cleopatra’s invention of the vibrator to a Dutch shopkeeper’s accidental discovery of the existence of sperm, a comic book detailing the history of sex, which became a surprise hit in France earlier this year, is due out in English in October.

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