Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Double play: “Billy & Ray” and “The Stand-In”: What are the odds? A pair of plays may have theatergoers and film buffs seeing doubldouble_indemnitye. Within a week, by sheer coincidence, two different shows about writer/director Billy Wilder have opened on SoCal stages. At the heart of both is the 1944 film noir classic Double Indemnity, which Wilder helmed and co-wrote with maestro of mysteries and crime fiction, Raymond Chandler.

HALLOWEEN BONUS — 7 creepy clown novels that will freak you out: The creepy clown craze has officially taken over as scary clown sightings pop up all over the United State. Instead of devouring the bizarre news stories, check out these seven tales of freaky clowns that have wreaked havoc in literature for decades.

‘Crime Plus Music’“Crime Plus Music” edited by Jim Fusilli is a collection of 20 darkly intense music related noir stories. Best-selling authors such as Peter Robinson, Craig Johnson, Alison Gaylin, and Reed Coleman along with many others combine their mystery skills with their music interests.


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