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Crime Fiction writer

chicago_cubs_logo-svgFirst, congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. It was a long time coming, and one hell of a Game 7. Thanks for making it exciting for all of us.

Today’s crime links:

Moon Knight, Trish Trash, and nine more graphic novels to feast on this NovemberOctober has left us and that means it’s time to start working up an appetite for the holidays. But don’t let your stomach be the only thing you’re feeding—your brain needs some sustenance too, and what better way to feed it than with a great new graphic novel?

A Tingle, a Tension, then Terror in Rosalie H. Contino’s Underground StoriesAn anthology of crime drama and political intrigue and dark poems that will keep readers engaged.

Interview: Paul Schrader Talks DOG EAT DOGPaul Schrader’s ultra-violent new film, Dog Eat Dog, starring a badder lieutenant, Nicolas Cage, and hyper-batshit Willem Dafoe, isn’t just another crime film; it’s every crime film. With Dog Eat Dog, adapted from guru of grit crime fiction novelist Eddie Bunker’s insider book, Schrader not only adapts the author’s hard boiled style, but also just about everyone worth a damn who’s ever contributed to the last century of crime pulp; in an effort to ride the post-new wave of what the Taxi Driver writer refers to as the ‘post-rules era’, where once you accept the notion that everything upon everything has been done, anything is permissible.


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