Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Outside-02-215x330Following on the heels of reviews by New York Times best-selling crime writers, Publishers Weekly released its own review of Outside the Law today, and the bottom line is this:

“Tough, fast-paced…Thompson’s convincing characters race toward an inevitable and explosive showdown.”

Read the entire review here, and read more reviews for Outside the Law over at Brash Books here.

Today’s crime fiction links:

bulletA Jury of Twelve Answers…. “What is Noir?”In the Supreme Court ruling of Jacobellis vs. Ohio, Justice Potter Stewart wrote regarding obscenity that “he knew it when he saw it.” That’s a good benchmark for a lot of
things, but it works particularly well for noir.

Book reviews: ‘Night School’ by Lee Child and ‘The Wrong Side of Goodbye’ by Michael ConnellyConundrum: The state of being when a bestselling mystery writer’s serial star starts to age. What to do? Some stop writing. Others start a new, usually less successful, series. A few continue pumping out the adventures until fans scream “Uncle!” If you are Lee Child, creator of the modern world’s most popular crime fiction character, you ignore it and concoct a prequel.

Preston author’s second major crime novel based in the city is releasedA Tree Born Crooked follows a police investigation into Gorpewood House, a brutal and cruel children’s home.

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