Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Rude & Crude, I’m Thankful For ‘Officer Downe’! “Officer Downe” is something viewers rarely see made. The shocking nature of the graphic novel turned film is not really acceptable by the mainstream these days. And the movie has no problems with that.

Crime fiction is favorite genre for Scottish book readers:Crime is the favorite form of fiction for the majority of Scottish book readers, a survey has suggested. Science fiction and biographies were the next most popular genres, according to the poll to mark the start of Book Week Scotland.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye review: One of US crime fiction’s great detectivesChances are that if an American crime novelist uses the word “Goodbye” in the title of a novel, the intention is to pay homage to Raymond Chandler and his masterpiece The Long Goodbye. When said writer is Michael Connelly, who has often spoken about the debt he owes to Chandler, the chances improve significantly.

Book review (Fiction): ‘The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories’ by P.D. JamesDevotees of literary crime fiction will long mourn the loss of P.D. James, the distinguished English author who broadened the boundaries of the genre and who died two years ago at age 94.

The Criminal Mind: A Birthday Tribute To Ed BrubakerBorn November 17, 1966, Ed Brubaker has worked on iconic characters such as Batman, Catwoman, Daredevil, and Captain America, typically resulting in long, fan-favorite and highly-acclaimed runs.

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