Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

novelist-signIs It Harder to Be a Novelist or a Screenwriter? (Plus a Brief Meditation on How Being a Writer Should be Like Smoking Cigars.)Lately, my novelist friends and I have been talking about finding other jobs because the publishing business is so rocky. Usually this list of possibilities is short, since we’re not really qualified to do much other than write. Waiting tables, maybe, or working in retail.

You Don’t Have to be John Grisham to Write Crime FictionWhen people think of legal fiction authors, they often think of writers like John Grisham or Scott Turow. But there are practicing lawyers and judges who add a dash of crime fiction to their legal writing.

My love for The Missing and murder storiesI could tell you that my bookshelves protest under the weight of my library of classic English literature. I could say that I read Thomas Hardy for pleasure and that I can think of nothing more wonderful than dipping into Jude the Obscure when I’m at a loose end.

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