Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Deal of the Day

Buying presents on a budget this year? You’re not going to want to miss this, then. The good folks at Shotgun Honey/One-Eye Press have reduced the price of all their books to 99 cents from now until the end of the year. Can’t beat a deal like that.

Pulp Fiction Cover of the Day


Today’s Links:

A Kind of Murder: Walter Stackhouse is a successful architect trapped in a marriage that’s crumbling in on him. His wife, Clara, suffers from nervous breakdowns, and refuses to seek help. She’s prone to jealous fits, imagining him tangled in affairs that just aren’t any part of reality, and has attempted suicide on more than one occasion.

The Best and Latest in Crime FictionIt sometimes seems as if there’s a support group for every lost soul on our planet. In KILL THE NEXT ONE (Mulholland/Little, Brown, $26), we’re even introduced to a source of reinforcement for would-be suicides.


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