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Today’s links:

Murder mystery on the East CoastWairoa woman Margie Sullivan, who works under the pen name Rita Ann Ryan, has been writing novels for 20 to 30 years but has only recently decided to finish one.

Angel City turns Hollywood noir on its head in this Oni Press exclusiveMale voices and perspectives dominate the crime noir genre, but Oni Press’ Angel City is changing that both on and off the page. Written by Janet Harvey with art by Megan Levens, this six-issue miniseries follows Dolores Dare, a young woman who moves to Hollywood in the 1930s to pursue a showbiz career, but instead ends up attached to a local gangster as both his girlfriend and one of his enforcers.

It’s Terminal: A Successful Mystery Novelist Goes IndieThis isn’t your typical self-publishing story. Marshall Karp was not only a successful, published author when he went the indie route, but he had written several books with James Patterson, a longtime friend and colleague.

Crime Runs in the Family in New ‘Trespass Against Us’ TrailerCrime fiction has a long, rich legacy of stories pitting one character’s allegiances against each other. Internal conflict is the engine that generates drama for criminals; torn between conscience and instinct, between right and wrong, or in the case of upcoming British import Trespass Against Us, between family and the law.


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