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Today’s Links

Gripping yarns: Our pick of the best new crime fiction: JAKE Kerridge clues up on new crime fiction.

The True Mystery of Popular Crime Fiction: With adaptations of crime fiction barely ever off the stage and screen, and the most famous writers of the genre enjoying constant re-issues of their popular works, the case for the longstanding appeal of the murder mystery seems incontrovertible.

Book review: Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb: Steph Broadribb is perhaps best known by her alter ego, Crime Thriller Girl… an online blogger and book reviewer with a love of ‘all things crime thriller.’

Book review: blood scars the snow in The Pledge as Swiss noir runs deep: The body of a girl is found in woods outside “a little hole in the wall” Swiss village. Matthäi, an inspector in the Zurich cantonal police, is reluctant to take on the case: it is his last afternoon in the job and one of his last days in the country before he embarks on an overseas posting in Jordan.

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