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Had an interesting conversation with a reader a few days ago, one who is as big a movie fan as I am. The question arose of who would play Colt Harper in a movie version of either Outside the Law, and pretty soon several other people had ideas as to who should play whom.

So, just for fun, and after a few days of thinking about it, here’s my cast — if I had any power at all to make this happen (which, of course, I do not):

Josh BrolinColt Harper: Josh Brolin. He’s the first guy I thought of, and I think the perfect guy for the role. After seeing him in True Grit and No Country for Old Men, I think he’s got the look of a no-bullshit Southern sheriff. Alternates: Chris Pine, Walton Goggins.



mkw1John Carver: Michael Kenneth Williams. Forget his current gig in Hap and Leonard. Instead think of The Wire‘s Omar — with a badge and a chip on his shoulder. And a whole lot of righteousness.

Alternates: Idris Elba.


EnosMolly McDonough: Mireille Enos. Ever see The Killing? Badass, driven redhead? Yeah, exactly.

Alternates: Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt


billy bob thorntonHack: Billy Bob Thornton. I know what you’re thinking … “of course it’s Billy Bob,” right? But he makes a great bad guy. And wouldn’t have to learn an accent.

Alternates: Tim Roth, Tom Hardy



fosterDelmer: Ben Foster. I thought he was awesome in Hell or High Water. Then again, I thought he was pretty good as a quirky artist in Six Feet Under.

Alternates: Haven’t thought of any…

Agree? Disagree? Got your own cast? Leave it in the Comments section below.

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