Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

2019 shows no let-up in the popularity of crime fiction, which is great news for (your local crime fiction writer). And lately, there’s a few writers who have become damn near addictive for me: A Scot, a New Orleans resident and a Northern Ireland writer (kind of covers all my genealogical and cultural bases).

mcgrantM.C. Grant’s female reporter/amateur detective Dixie Flynn is what happens when Fletch meets Columbo. Dixie’s sass balls and smartass mouth get her into constant trouble but in the middle of her newspaper’s most compelling stories. M.C. has another fine collection of crime fiction under the name Grant McKenzie.



Tony Dunbar.jpgTony Dunbar makes me hungry every time I read about his not-really-shady-but-not-exactly-squeaky-clean Tubby Dubonnet, the New Orleans lawyer with a nose for complicated clients and dangerous enemies. That’s because Dunbar knows his city, and obviously loves the food as much as I do.



nevilleStuart Neville’s prose is just … damn breathtaking. If you haven’t read The Ghosts of Belfast yet, you’re doing it wrong. And, no, you don’t have to know anything about The Troubles to get pulled right into the middle of this gritty Northern Ireland noir.



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