Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer



If you’re like me — a Batman fan since your first comic book at age 5 — you probably have thought that, by now, surely the Dark Knight’s story has been thoroughly mapped out, and the universe populated with the complete array of villains and heroes.

Apparently, not.

Greg Cox’s Batman: The Court of Owls offers ” … an original take of Batman going up against the Court of Owls and their brutal agents.”

Wait, never heard of the Court of Owls? Me, either. Neutralized by Batman at some point long ago, the band of villains shrank into Gothams’ shadows. But the bad guys have now returned, prompting Batman to team up with Nightwing, Barbara Gordon and Batgirl to investigate a series of brutal murders.

A fresh look or same ol’ same ol’? I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t answer. But according to reviewer Stuart Conover, a longtime fan himself, “We’re back to a Batman who is a detective, and we’re given a fascinating crime story for him to solve.”

Read Conover’s entire review here: Batman: The Court of Owls.

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