Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Inevitable, right? We’ve been doing this lockdown/quarantine/stay-at-home thing long enough for someone to come up a with awhite mask “lockdown” anthology. Hollywood got into the act with White Mask Chronicles, which founders Glenn Kleczkowski & Matt Pfeffer describe as “our attempt to offer a different kind of distraction than what our quarantined butts are used to, a throwback of sorts to the days of Black Mask Magazine.” The pair enlisted the help of a few Hollywood writers to craft some noir(ish) stories. Mostly written in serial form, this is a great distraction.

VN@TBThere’s also lockdown/virtual Noir at the Bar events. Of course, the big draw of a N@TB event is getting together with a bunch of writers and reading and hearing some good ol’ in-your-face noir while enjoying a drink or several. Next best thing: virtual events. Hey, you can still drink. I’ll be doing one of these myself on June 6 (yeah, shameless self-promotion), my first virtual N@TB.



Looking for something else to read? Try these “Lockdown” anthologies:

Lockdown: The Corona Chronicles

Corona Chronicles

Lockdown: Stories of Crime, Terror, and Hope During a Pandemic


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