Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

Review: New crime fiction from Don Easton, Sarah Pekkanen and Michael Koryta: Now that Jack Reacher has turned into Tom Cruise, it’s time for a new tough guy in town.

bulletSix New Thrillers for FallIs there any excuse for a thriller to be well written? A good sentence and a good thriller exist at cross purposes — the sentence making us pause to think or notice, the thriller dissolving our awareness of anything but its narrative, the genre that most wants to make us forget we’re reading.

Norton’s fiction debut gets a big thumbs up from writers, critics: When a writer of the obvious talents of John Boyne says Graham Norton may very well be “wasted on TV” and that he “may just have discovered his true vocation” as a novelist, you have to sit up and take notice.

Crime fiction is finally getting the critical respect it deserves: The Man Booker Prize is always guaranteed to generate controversy. This is nothing new and a healthy state for any literary prize to be in.

The ‘Killer Women’ Writers Collective Is Turning the Page on Sexist Crime Novels: I’m sat at the back of a room in Shoreditch Town Hall in London. Around me are more than 50 women—mainly in their 40s and 50s, with soccer mom hair and Bloomingdale’s wardrobes—frantically jotting down notes. “If there’s no blood and guts, I’m not going to convinced there’s been a murder,” a speaker advises. “You need at least one dead body… preferably multiple.”


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