Phillip Thompson

Crime Fiction writer

bm_cv6_dsBATMAN, DC Sit Atop Comic Book Sales Charts Again in September:It looks like DC Comics’ decision to double down (twice-monthly shipping) on their bestselling franchises at a lower price point is paying off… at least for now.

REVIEW — Murder Ink: Redemption Road by John HartRedemption Road by John Hart is a major work of creative writing that has few equals in recent fiction and stands alone in the crime fiction genre.

MORE REVIEWS:  New crime fiction from Peter Robinson, Graham Moore and Anne Emery.

The Latest and Best in Crime FictionIt’s only a story — or is it? Graeme Macrae Burnet makes such masterly use of the narrative form that the horrifying tale he tells in HIS BLOODY PROJECT, a finalist for this year’s Man Booker Prize, seems plucked straight out of Scotland’s sanguinary historical archives.

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